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Thank You! We feel so Loved 💙

A big thank you to everyone who joined our morning tea we had such a lovely time and we really felt loved and supported by everyone who came.

KIBI swaggered her stuff touching everyone in all the right places. Our beauties showed up with their fresh faces and best vibes from ages 12 to 74 years young with everyone’s leaving with a beautiful complexion and radiating their best selves !

Everyone is beautiful and KIBI just glides on and by design, enhances everyone’s natural beauty to give you the best natural complexion while wearing makeup, fresh youthful & luminous.

We collaborated on this morning tea with Krystal Love. (Kylie is my sister) And as you can see by our videos and photos we were surrounded in the most beautiful crystals, the best auric cleansing sprays going around. Along with the coffee shots and cake from Gabby’s Cafe Bar. Thank you so much for everyone who contributed to this beautiful morning tea.

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Krystal Love was Australia’s first online crystal store.  Over the past 24 years, my amazing sister Kylie has not only helped to heal the world with sending her crystals all the way around it, but she has also been an incredible alchemist created her first ever essence range in 2005 where she made her first nine. Today Kylie has finished this year a transcendent aura & room mists bringing together Krystal Love Crystal Gem Essence, a combination of tried and trusted essences, that Kylie has made over 20 years carefully formulated and created with pure intention, precise methods, and Love. Jain 108 Sacred Geometry frequencies, 100% Pure Essential oils, combined into Pure Mountain Spring Water from Goonengerry (filtered) in the hills behind Byron Bay, combined into a tiered, multi potentised blend, to reach all layers of consciousness. (Crystal Gem Essences is vibrational medicine, allowing you to embody the crystalline light for healing on all levels and vibrational wellness.) So, they are pretty special and deserve the explanation.

Now more than ever and turning our attention to auric health is super important, Kylie latest offering ‘Higher Heart’ is about raising your frequency, and this blend has been in the making for over 3 years. It has needed time for integration and grounding, and now is the time for it to be released into the world to help the ascension of our planet and humans. This vibrational medicine assists us in holding that place of unconditionally loving, holding and supporting ourselves no matter what is happening, being at home within ourselves, and having faith that you are being supported by the universe and all is unfolding for your highest good. It really is that trust that all is well in your world no matter what is happening (not easy to do)

Lovingly handmade, simply spray over your aura or your environment, to instantly cleanse, refresh, and restore. Take a moment to breathe deeply and ‘Injoy’ the aroma. Use as needed. Buy Higher Heart Here.

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We also enjoyed our beautiful Organic tea Uplifting, Detox and Antioxidant. Which ended up being the perfect ‘afternoon tea’ refreshment as we were finishing for the day.

Sharing with you some of the beauties that came.

Peace & Love 

#KIBI ✌🏽💙

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