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A Magic Makeup for Oily Skin !

Did you know – Minerals are the purest elements of the earth and can camouflage oil, control shine, protect the skin without irritation and best of all it’s all natural therefore good for you! Minerals reflect and scatter light, giving the wearer a clearer, younger, brighter looking complexion.

SOS Makeup for Oily Skins

Minerals can be worn by all skin types though especially good for an oily skin. Their powerful, light reflective and healing properties also make imperfection on the skin look less visible and present a healthy, natural glow. Ultra-fine, natural minerals of the highest quality and purity combined with pharmaceutical and clinical grade ingredients (not just cosmetic grade), offer shine free and longwearing makeup. On top of that, a little goes a long way, stays in place all day, and won’t streak or cake. Minerals are lightweight to allow your skin to breathe and mattifying with the best buildable desired coverage. Mineral Powder Foundation is oil free and will conceal oil very well, and diffuses blemishes, redness, pores, and imperfections beautifully.

Does it get any better..?

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What’s in our Powder Mineral Foundation?

Our Mineral Powder Foundation ingredients are extremely healing. Just to call out a few key ingredients:

  1. Zinc Oxide is anti-septic, anti-microbial and anti-fungicidal. It has a physical sunscreen that offers a SPF15 in our foundation and is also very healing. Zinc on the surface of the skin aids in creating metalloenzymes which are required for cell membrane repair or the reduction of oxidation, cell proliferation, growth and immune system function. Put simply imperfections heal more quickly, the skin has better immunity and fewer breakouts.
  2. Kaolin Clay absorbs oil and prevents pores from becoming clogged. Clay is also full of essential minerals which are good for our skin. These minerals help to balance oil and to detoxify used in this makeup form. Again, this ingredient has a magic wand when it comes to smoothing skin, helps prevent acne, oil absorbing and seriously softens skin without any redness or irritation.
  3. Rice Powder contains some powerful antioxidants. such as ferulic acid. It helps to neutralize free radicals on the skin surface and helps fight the effects of aging. This antioxidant property renders rice flour a natural sunscreen also and helps to brighten skin.

Our Mineral Powder Foundation is non-acnegenic and contain proven ingredients that are good for skin, that also treat acne. Minimal touch ups throughout the day, if any, keeps this Mineral Powder Foundation a favourite for oily skins.

Find Your Mineral Match

Pro Tip – Priming your skin is also a great way to keeping your makeup perfect. Our BB Crème is a treatment Crème with advantages of skin caring and skin correcting in one step. This creme tints, primes, nourishes, and protects skin. It is lightweight and long wearing and protects from UVA and UVB sun rays at SPF30. Hydrating and with the benefits of anti-oxidants that offers a fresh luminous coverage that smooths on effortlessly either using the KIBI Blending brush fingertips or sponge that will restores skin’s youthful glow, overall boosting skins wellness.

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