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More than skin deep

Welcome to KIBI, where we believe that beauty surrounds us and nature offers us nourishment and inspiration.

Our Owner, Jacq South, wants women to treat their skin the way she treats the earth – walk gently, align and replenish. “Our connection with nature and ourselves creates wellness,” says Jacq. “A beauty regime that incorporates mindful rituals to connect to earth is important for wellbeing.”

A skin wellness specialist, beauty educator and reiki master, with over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, Jacq believes it’s possible to age beautifully and gracefully by looking after our inner and outer worlds and letting the life we’ve lived show in our faces.

At KIBI, our methodology is simple … holistic and futuristic. We believe wellness and beauty are inextricably intertwined and that holistic beauty is a whole body experience that embraces nature.


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Nature is a source of beauty

KIBI’s raw mineral range is from the earth, therefore naturally flawless.

Our approach is ‘less is more’. Our beautiful Australian made products align with the A-Beauty brand philosophy – clean, minimalistic, and Australian. No fuss. We only use clean ingredients that offer skin wellness that is easy, effective, safe and multi- tasking.  What we leave out of our products is as important as what we put into our beautiful range.

We never test on animals, and never will. Our makeup is natural, clean, organic and skin beautifying. Raw minerals work with your skin, not against it, and our range is practical for everyone to use every day, no matter your skin type.

Having a sustainable, ethical, and authentic business model is important to us. Our minimalist approach combining inner and outer health is embedded into our brand philosophy, and to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses that see and share our vision for essential beauty.

Through KIBI, we aim to build a community where women can learn more about inner and outer beauty, natural products, skin therapies and self-care.

We are not only passionate Australians but passionate about our beauty and connection with Mother Earth!

Peace & Love KIBI 💙

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