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Do you want to know the secrets of the PRO-BLUE Beauty Blender

A must have makeup tool!

Announcing our New PRO – BLUE Beauty Blender is here! 

We’re adding to our beauty tools range. Our new beauty blender has the beautiful qualities of being soft and luxurious, latex free, fragrance free and versatile. This high-definition sponge is made from superior quality latex free foam that has been designed to seamlessly to blend every kind of makeup application and will take your makeup finish to the next level.

A game changer when you want better makeup polish

First things first, once you take it out of the packet your beauty blender will start to breathe and increase in size. We then recommend that you wash your beauty blender in warm water with either your body gel or shampoo – rinse, squeeze out gently and leave in a cool spot to dry.

How to

Whether you are applying liquid, cream or powder foundation, BB Crème, skin tint or concealing, the beauty blender takes out the hard work.

Foundation or BB cream – Simply add the product to the flat part of the beauty blender then smoothing it on the skin. Then bounce and tap with the plush rounded part to seamlessly blend onto your skin.

Keep the beauty blender dry for a more complete or full makeup look when applying powder foundation or BB Creme. Dampen beauty blender with either a setting spray, a facial spritz or a few drops of water (squeeze out excess water) then dip powder or pump BB Crème + SPF onto the flat part and smooth. Then bounce onto skin for a more natural coverage.

Concealing & Crevice work – Using the flat part of the blender is a smooth and easy application. Just glide the product on, then blend by bouncing and tapping the beauty blender using the plush rounded parts into the skin.

The pointed tip is perfect to conceal around eyes and blemishes and get into the cresses and folds on the face for a streak-free professional finish.

Baking – A makeup application technique that essentially means contouring. Light and shade, highlighting the face to create positive illusions with makeup. Using the flat part of the beauty blender, apply translucent powder, highlighting or contouring shade, bronzer powder or concealing product heavily. Leave it to set, bake or cook for around 10 minutes. Then blend by bouncing and tapping the beauty blender to achieve this baking technique.


Advantages and Care Instructions

To clean your Pro-Blue Beauty Blender simply immerse into warm water and shampoo by massaging gently to release makeup build up. Repeat shampooing if needed. Rinse thoroughly in clean water, squeeze out and leave in a cool place to dry.

Our Beauty Blender is safe for sensitive skins and safe for those who have latex allergies. You use less product when adding a beauty blender to your routine. Use wet or dry and achieve streak-free and a perfected flawless look.

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