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Until recent times it was very difficult to keep a foundation 100% completely raw and natural with a minimalist ingredient listing. In the early nineties the very first professional mineral foundation launched around the world and was available in Australia. It was a powder version of foundation but not pressed like the old style. And you applied it by buffing it onto the surface of the skin using a brush.

Still today in 2022 Mineral Powder Foundation is the best ! This foundation revolutionised women’s skin all around the world. Now women had a choice to what type of makeup they wanted to apply. This mineral makeup became an extended part of your skincare regime; makeup that offered luminosity, that worked with your own skin tones, absorbed shine and oil beautifully and the longer you wore it, in a given day, the better it became. It was makeup that worked with your skin rather that against it. Most women these days will have mineral makeup products in their makeup wardrobe.

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Still the good allrounder

Just a handful of ingredients that are from the Earth. These minerals are the purest elements of the earth and can protect the skin without irritation.Ultra-refined, triple milled, natural minerals of the highest quality and purity combined with pharmaceutical and clinical grade ingredients (not merely cosmetic grade). Formulated to effectively target and improve core skin concerns – from signs of ageing, acne, pigmentation and dull skin tone to dryness and redness.

Why are they still the best for purity?

KIBI’s makeup is made for every skin  type. It is made from 100% Raw Minerals with a natural 15+ SPF protection from UVA and UVB, no chemicals at all. Totally clean Mineral Powder Foundations using ingredients that support skin wellness is paramount. Super rich earth minerals like mica, titanium oxide, zinc oxides and iron oxides that are micronised powder partials that soften into skin, providing the ultimate in skin perfecting and naturally flawless finishes.

Some facts about the ingredients of Powder Mineral Foundation: -

  • Zinc oxide – is an anti-septic, anti-microbial and anti-fungicidal. Healing and will soothe an inflamed skin.
  • Titanium dioxide – protects skin from UVA & UVB radiation and is a great brightener for skin.
  • MICA – is a micronised light reflecive mineral that offers the skin luminosity, has the ability to create an illusion on skin of healthy, youthful, softer, smoother glowing skin.
  • Rice powder – helps to absorb excess oil and acts as a protective barrier.
  • Magnesium Myristate – is a water repellent and allows the makeup to be long lasting and gives a smooth moist finish to the skin.
  • Kaolin Clay – is a super fine clay that will remineralise, heal, smooth and aid in refining the skin.

The result? Lightweight to wear, the minerals reflect and scatter light, giving the wearer a clearer, younger, brighter looking complexion, increased skin quality and enhanced skin health.

We acknowledge that Raw Powdered Minerals of any brand, of any kind, like the perfect canvas to be perfect. Therefore, in recent times the foundation primer has become a makeup staple. If you have open pores, an ageing skin or a dry skin our suggestion would be to use the KIBI BB Creme first as your priming product. The KIBI BB Crème has so many benefits and skin-loving ingredients. It is just the barrier that will carry you through with the perfect flawless finish.

Find Your Mineral Match

Not sure which shade is your match?

Take our foundation skin matching quiz. Get your true foundation match in three easy steps.

Tip: When considering your ‘contouring’ shade match, it will be one to two shades darker than your true skin foundation match. When considering your highlighting shade, your match will be two to three shades lighter than your true skin foundation match.

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