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Tea InTime

Have you tried our Organic KIBI Tea range? It’s awesome – even if we do say so ourselves! 

Combining our inner and outer worlds and our wellness philosophies, our bespoke KIBI Organic Tea Range is a great way to find balance and ritual in your everyday. KIBI tea is anti-aging, aids in digestion, is an amazing anti-oxidant and helps to fight environmental damage. It also helps to balance hormones, build our immunity, and work on inflammation in our body. The best thing about this? It makes us feel good. 

Just the mere act of making tea reminds us of rituals and to be mindful… The traditions around tea making, preparing to relax and enjoy ‘this’ moment in time, is a really good example of living in the now.

The space that is held for making a cup of tea is a mindful process though. We are not master tea ritual experts. We have our own way of preparing to enjoy a cup of either hot or cold brew, which is truly one of the simplest and wonderful things in life.

Our Tea blends are like superpowers working on you. Made with beautiful organic herbs, roots, fruits and flowers that really work on refreshing you on all levels. Our KIBI Organic Tea range not only restores your mind and body, it helps to restore your skin too.

Here is our KIBI Tea of today.



Our No.1 Selling Tea. This organic herbal tea is not only uplifting but is packed with essential minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants giving back to your body vital energy, and building your immunity and feelings of wellbeing. Blending beautiful herbs like Herb Robert, Gingko, Guto Kola, Ashwagandha, Thyme and Rose Petals means anytime is a good time for a tea and skin ritual.

Caffeine Free | Organic Wildcrafted | Served hot or chilled | Sweeten, add honey

All Ingredients – Herb Robert, Gingko, Guto Kola, Ashwagandha, Oat Straw, Rose Root, Peppermint, Thyme, and Rose Petals.

How to Brew

1 teaspoon | 1 cup | 100oC | 3-5 mins | up to 2 brews

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