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Australia’s No1 Face Bronzer You Will LOVE

Illuminating Mineral Bronzer Powder

There are so many options on how to use your bronzer powders and they are the versatile, multi-tasker that is an absolute must have in your makeup bag.

Adding a little bronzer to your morning routine, no matter the time of year or whether you are wearing makeup or not, just adds that healthy glow and radiance.

Face Bronzing

For a totally believable and natural healthy glowing complexion, simply brush your Bronzer onto the areas of your face where the sun first hits you. That, on most people, is a splash of colour on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. This adds warmth to your skin like you have been sunkissed.

Using your Bronzer to contour your facial features is ideal. This gives a better result when you’re applying a face of makeup to bring about light and shade to create more balanced facial aesthetic.

A super quick method of contouring the face

After you have applied your foundation and have done concealing work, apply the Bronzer Powder on the cheekbones, brush from the temples around the hairline over your forehead to the other temple. Apply Bronzer to the side of the nose and under both left and right jawlines. Then with the KIBI Blending Brush blend out till you are happy with the softness of the contouring. Then apply blush colour and so on.

Either method is simply making the most of your facial shape and features, gifting that luminosity healthy complexion that feels good.

Tip – To match a body self-tan or look like you have had a holiday, add a little of the Illuminating Bronzing Mineral Powder to your BB Crème or Mineral Powder Foundation.

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Bronzing Eyes & Lips

For those who like to use minimal products and want your products to multi-task, the Bronzer is ideal. Use the KIBI Bronzer as an eyeshadow either wet or dry to achieve different looks. Great as an eyeliner again wet or dry. Due to the gold shimmer in our Bronzer, it is a beautiful gold-look eyeliner when applied wet.

Also, can be pressed onto the lips then add a clear gloss or balm. Done !


  • Free of nasties and fillers such as talc, chemical dyes or binders and fragrances
  • No synthetic irritants or chemical preservatives
  • Luminous light reflective mineral formula
  • Never tested on animals
  • Certified MADE SAFE, Certified TOXIC FREE
  • Suitable for daily use and for all skin types and conditions including sensitive, acne, rosacea, eczema or dermatitis, or psoriasis
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