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Clean Beauty Magazine Feature

KIBI Showcased

We are delighted to announce that we has been featured in the latest issue of Clean Beauty Magazine, highlighting our unwavering commitment to sustainable living and eco-friendly practices.

This recognition reinforces our brand’s mission to help people feel good while progressing towards sustainability and supporting our mission towards environmentally responsible living.

We thank Clean Beauty Magazine for featuring us and making our strides in sustainability known to a wider audience.

“See the Magazine Here” 

For those who seek the thrill of being a part of nature !

Clean Beauty Magazine is an Australian inspirational digital magazine devoted to eco-friendly and natural beauty products, aiming to reconnect people with the environment.

The magazine showcases top brand names in the natural and organic cosmetics and skincare space and is dedicated to helping its readers live abundantly while staying healthy.

The publication provides a platform that encourages readers to make informed choices about the products they use and is committed to promoting safe, healthy, and guilt-free makeup. Clean Beauty Magazine is undoubtedly an inspiration to those who strive to be environmentally conscious while looking and feeling good.


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