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Scenic Road Magazine Editorial

From a young age, skin care was something Jacqui South, owner and director of KIBI Raw Minerals, found her self-drawn to.

'Vibrantly rich clean ingredients with earthly wonders such as minerals & crystals...'

Meet Jacq, our leading light that is featured in the Scenic Road Magazine. Where she talks about the connection to nature through KIBI that offers women a makeup that is 100% natural, cruelty free and is beautifying.

“Read the article here” 

The Scenic Road Magazine is a celebration of community and the vibrant characters that make it so special. With compelling articles focused on the Scenic Rim region, readers are treated to untold stories of the people, places, and events that shape this unique community.

This publication is a wonderful way to connect with the rich history of the region, uncover local talent, and get inspired by the stories of professional artists, musicians, tourism operators, hospitality workers, and business leaders. Whether you are a longtime resident or a newcomer to the Scenic Rim, this publication is a must-read for anyone looking to deepen their connection to this incredible community.

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