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The Iced Tea Recipe Of All Iced Tea Recipes…

Iced Tea is a delicious summer drink and is simply lovely when made at home. Extremely versatile as you can make any combo that it all seems to work beautifully when adding herbs and seasonal fruits to your Iced Tea.

We LOVE tea, and imagine you’ll love this Iced Tea recipe!

KIBI ‘Uplifting’ Iced Tea Recipe

Nothing is more refreshing and lovely to enjoy after being in the garden or when you have some special people coming over than to serve a pitcher of iced tea, particularly in summer.

  1. You make iced tea the same way you make hot tea just in a larger heatproof vessel. Or you can make it tea pots and transfer to a larger jug or pitcher.
  2. Place one tablespoon of Uplifting Tea into your diffusing ball. This should be enough tea to make 2 litres.
  3. Boil 2 litres of water either in your pitcher or tea pot and let the tea ball brew for 10-15 mins. Making an extra strong brew is the secret to total refreshment.
  4. Let the brew cool on the benchtop before placing into the fridge for further cooling. We recommend doing this of an evening, so your tea has time to cool overnight. This will also deepen its flavour particularly if you leave the tea ball in the brew.
  5. Once your tea is very cold and you’re getting ready to serve, remove from the fridge. Add a tray of ice, a couple of sprigs of basil and whatever summer fruits you have around. Our favourite of the season is white nectarine with the basil. It’s outstanding and so refreshing. Any summer berries are delicious, and a good squeeze of lime is good too. Passionfruit and Lychee is also a winner Iced Tea.
  6. Using your swizzle stick, give your refreshing tea a good mix, find somewhere glorious to sit and your eyes can enjoy. Pour your tea into a large wine glass, with a few little ice cubes, a slice or two of white nectarine and a leaf or two of basil. Sit. Sip. And ‘In-joy’.


We would love to hear your feedback on our tea. And let us know your favourite iced tea recipe so we can share it with our #wonderwomen community.

By sharing with us your Iced Tea experience you could WIN a year’s worth of KIBI Organic Tea. Share Here

With love,

#KIBI ✌🏽💙

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