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What is mineral makeup, and how is it different from conventional makeup?

Our latest blog explores into what makes this type of makeup unique and different from conventional formulas. Mineral makeup is made from natural minerals that are crushed and micronised and used in their pure form. Nothing added, no chemicals or artificial ingredients this makes it biologically gentle on the skin and less likely to cause irritation or breakouts. Additionally, provides a flawless second skin finish that is buildable coverage that doesn't feel heavy or mask-like. Hello to a natural, healthy radiance complexion! Check out our blog to learn more about mineral makeup and its benefits for your beauty regular. #KIBI #australianbeauty #rawmineralmakeup #skinwellness #beautyblog

What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is cosmetic’s that is made with minerals form the earth and other natural ingredients. It is known these days as the healthier and more natural alternative to traditional makeup products working with your skin rather than against it.

The primary ingredients in mineral makeup are crushed and micronized minerals such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. These minerals are finely milled into powder and blended with other environmental ingredients such as mica, rice, and clay.

Mineral makeup is totally free of synthetics of any kind, fragrances, preservatives, and provides barely there to full coverage. Suitable for every age, skin texture and tone. Light weight, longwearing is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores or irritate acne-prone or sensitive skins.

The Advantages of Mineral Makeup over Conventional Makeup

Mineral makeup has become increasingly popular over the years due to peoples awareness with what is in cosmetics… Reputable quality mineral makeup is organic; the minerals are crushed to have a beautiful lightweight feel and allows your skin to breathe. The oxides component of the mineral makeup offer a physical barrier to the sun and offers sun protection factor 15.

There still is so many cosmetics on the market today are full of chemical and or un-necessary ingredients. Here is a list from Safe Cosmetics Australia a great guide on ingredients in cosmetic –

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Non-Comedogenic and Gentle on Skin !


Health of the skin is priority. Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores. The ingredients that we used are less likely to cause irritation, inflammation, or allergic reactions and is ideal for people with sensitive skins. Due to these raw earthly ingredients, they are healing on the skin, or an oily or acne prone skin or prone to break out the Zinc Oxides are extremely healing and working with your skin to heal to be at it’s best.

Long-Lasting and Versatile mineral Powder Makeup

Makeup you can wear a little of or a lot of and it works with your skin not against it no matter your age or skin condition. It provides a sun protector factor of 15. (92% protection from the sun) and is extremely long wearing. In fact, the longer you wear powered minerals the better the coverage becomes.

Anyone who is suffer a skin condition like rosacea, acne, dermatitis or porosis or generally sensitive can use raw minerals without irritation or further hindering the skin condition. Though a powder it’s not a powder, there is not talcum or any other so-called powder in our formulas. 100% raw & natural micronised minerals, vegan, no oil, no fragrance, no synthetics, no chemicals.

The Result

Raw mineral makeup love moisture, so just applying your moisturiser then immediately adding your micronised minerals will give you silky, creamy melted minerals that has just given you the best skin you had in a while… Like magic you can apply where you need to cover, smooth out or balance tone the micronised minerals perform beautifully.

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